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Product Launch

Ideal for introducing a new line or product to your store or business.  Includes social media advertising strategies, promotional planning, media outlets.  Also a low cost add-on option to enliven a slow quarter or season

Event Planning

Full service planning and coordination of Community events, dinners, fundraisers, workshops or seminars. Invite the community or just your staff.  Fundraising services available for non-profit and civic groups.

New Business Marketing Strategy

A collaborative effort generating a marketing plan for a newly formed business

Business Systems Audit

A full review of in-house accounting, information management, inventory and employees to provide insightful "report card" with complete blueprint for maximum efficiency

Marketing Audit (businesses 2+ years)

Review current and past advertising strategies to keep what works and scrap what doesn't


Envisioning (or re-envisioning) your brand and business personality including logo, print and digital media, identification of customer base and repositioning in market

Annual Retainer
Focusing on continuous improvement and immediate response to your business needs, you will have on-call direct access to your Consultant who will not only handle all marketing, media and advertising needs, but will create monthly campaigns and promotions, expand marketing programs, evaluate and recommend streamlined solutions and act as a business coach and mentor providing motivation and insight to your brand. *Due to the demands of this service, only two (2) Annual Retainers remain for 2016.

Quarterly Retainer

On-call services including ongoing marketing analysis 

Business Coaching

Making it fit, making it work.  Helping you find balance, purpose and motivation when you need it most

Creative Content

Copy for your website, blog, product cards, smartly crafted words are an important step in maximizing your message

Social Media Package

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkdIn, YouTube - You need to stay ahead of the game with your online presence

Storefront and Office Space Creative

Trained Professionals that can pack extra punch into every square foot of your space

Photography & Video